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Our mission at Om Training Group is to develop and provide pathways to transformational experiences for individuals and groups.  Our vision is to help build a world where we – as individuals, families and communities – feel a deep sense of the interconnectedness of life and are able to lead with compassion and care for each other and our planet.


Join us in a daily 20 minute practice of guided mindfulness meditation to ease into your day.

Every day via Zoom (no need to register, just log in!)
Time: 6:30 – 7:15 AM PT | 8:30 – 9:15AM CT

Facilitated by Trina Truong and Joshua McDaniel

Trina is a Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator and Mindfulness Coach, and Joshua is a Mindfulness Meditation facilitator and 12 Step Coach at OM Training Group. 


Join us for an interactive exploration of impermanence and death. You’ll leave the workshop with practices and actions to help carry out your deepest wishes for your own health and wellbeing and your end-of-life affairs.

Register using the link above. You will receive a Zoom link via email and instructions on how to join us!

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Reflections on End-of-Life

Joel Richardson is a multidisciplinary artist that currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Whatever his medium of the moment may be — singing, songwriting, acting, writing, dance, astrology. Joel will guide us through reflections about our wishes for our end-of-life celebrations and ground us with a practice.


Health Care Your Way

Elowyn Loomis is an avid mediator, spiritual teacher and has been an RN for over 20 years. She uses mindfulness practice to serve our veteran population with compassion. Elowyn will introduce our workshop participants to vital health care practices to ensure that one’s wishes are fulfilled at critical moments of illness.


Guiding Us Through

Charlotte Mutesha (known as mizChartreuse) is a spiritual teacher and Founder of the Venus Academy. She guides seekers of healthy relationships to transformation with Venus: music, money, meditation and miracles. Char will be our MC, guiding our participants through this immersive workshop experience.



Who We Are

Trina Truong

Trina Truong

From a young age, Trina Truong knew her calling was serving others. She spent her adolescent years at her local Buddhist temple, participating in devotional practice, meditation and serving her community in a variety of ways. Through her work with others, she realized that true and lasting happiness is found when we act from a place of service to others.

Throughout the past 10 years as an entrepreneur and a brick-and-mortar business owner, Trina created a new meaning for success and leadership that she wishes to share with the world. She hopes to show others how to effectively use Mindfulness as tool to heal oneself, find satisfaction in one’s life, and arrive at meaningful work.

Joshua McDaniel

Joshua McDaniel

Joshua comes to OM with a background of 25 years of multidisciplinary study and spiritual practice. His experiences living in retreat centers, ashrams and monasteries and studying under a variety of teachers, in addition to 17 years working and helping others through a 12 Step recovery program give him a unique and powerful perspective helping others overcome barriers to personal growth.

His own spiritual experiences and a deep desire to relieve suffering in the world continue to fuel his mission to help others remember and realize the true nature of their being.

Kimberly Phan

Kimberly Phan

Kimberly Phan is passionate about helping people transform their suffering through Buddhist spiritual practice and mindfulness. She arrived on her path about ten years ago through experiences of trauma and grief. Her self-discipline includes engaging in sangha communities, daily mindfulness meditation practice, and using journaling tools rooted in contemplation.

Kimberly’s deep aspiration is to be of service by working with children and guiding individuals through their transformation journey. She hopes to teach others how to experience the magic and joy of the simple things in life. She loves traveling, literature,, and exploring the beauty of nature.

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